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Technical Preparation Before The Lasting Jul 07, 2016

Stretched help Qian of technology prepared main has: check within end of whether and shoes last chassis phase anastomosis, or may was template will within end of edge up turned; check shoes in in help feet bonded at whether has above width of retracted volume, or may and within end of bonded not prison; Hou help pre forming of quality whether conducive to Qian help positioning of accuracy, or will effect Qian help and Hou help of on are; check shoes last and shoes in surface whether smooth, or may caused off last adverse phenomenon and lossy products quality. If it is necessary to take targeted measures, such as nails, trim, coated in talcum powder, such as at the end of it.

Operation points: sets help Yu last to yihou help for benchmark positioning Qian help in last Shang of location, reset Center jaw clip tight; clip clamp clip tight side help Shi to to shoes mouth, and shoes surrounding, and shoes cover for benchmark clip associate help feet; stretched tight seat stretched tight Qian help forming Shi, to carefully adjustment Qian help location and stretched help pull, makes Qian help in shoes last surface Shang smooth no wrinkle; confirmed forming correct Hou again folding bent, and up collection, and rubber stick help feet Yu within end of.