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Stretch Lasting Machine Maintenance Jul 07, 2016

"Lasting machine speed to reduce" stretch lasting machine for hydraulic transmission. Normal speed when the machine movement were much lower, due to oil shortage, fuel pump oil filter clogging caused by lack of flow. Treatment approach is the oil quantity is added to the oil line or above the oil filter and oil filter for cleaning. Since the oil filter has blocked oil are already serious pollution should be replaced with new oil. Machine placement and stop using too long to use or normal use without regular oil change, especially prone to failure. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced once a year the oil and replace the oil filter and thoroughly clean the tank at a time when.

"Insufficient system pressure before" functioning pressure by the failure of the system, is due to insufficient oil pump, overflow valve is not working properly, fuel tank and valve internal leakage increases and other reasons. Pump pressure insufficient is pump within parts wear and precision reduced, and spill flow pilot valve of spring damaged or valve seat wear or dirt real jam, and oil cylinder of piston sealed ring damaged and reversing valve internal wear, reasons caused of, as long as replaced new of pump, replaced spill flow valve in the spring and the wear of parts, replaced oil cylinder of piston sealed ring, replaced new of reversing valve, system pressure on can reached work pressure value. Stretch machine hydraulic system before complex, various valves and cylinders is much more, according to the judgement above the point of failure, is the key to troubleshooting.

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