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Steaming Machine Widely Used Oct 24, 2017

Steam engine refers to the steam energy into a mechanical power of a reciprocating power machinery. The emergence of the steam engine has led to the 18th century industrial revolution. Steaming Machine Until the early 20th century, the steam engine is still the world's most important prime mover, and later gradually let the more advanced in the internal combustion engine and steam turbine.

As early as 1698, the practical steam engine has been adopted by many enterprises. Steam engine not only in the mining industry has been widely used in the smelting, Steaming Machine textile, machinery manufacturing and other industries have also been promoted. But this steam engine has a fatal weakness, that is, more coal consumption, low efficiency, can only do reciprocating linear motion, can not be rotary motion.

Watt in the repair of the steam engine, Steaming Machine carefully studied the working principle of these defects, found that the efficiency of the steam engine is low, is that most of the steam has not been fully utilized. Accordingly, he invented the separation of the cylinder and the condenser, the condenser can be high-temperature steam from the cylinder and the export and cooling, the efficiency of the steam engine has thus been greatly improved. Later, Watt has completed a series of major inventions with the steam engine structure, thus, Steaming Machine Watt completed the entire invention of the steam engine, and made the first high efficiency, continuous operation of the double action modern steam engine. Since then, human society into the "steam engine era."

Steam engine is not the production of steam machines, Steaming Machine the second is the use of steam power to promote the piston in the cylinder to do reciprocating motion, and then drive the connecting rod so that the flywheel to do circular motion. So, the steam engine is a power machine.

Previously, the steam engine is widely used in industrial production, Steaming Machine the invention of electricity, the power is replaced by the motor, so the steam engine is mainly used for power generation and trains.

The steam locomotive is powered by a "steam locomotive", which was later replaced by "diesel locomotives" and "electric locomotives", so now the steam engine is getting less and less.