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Steaming Machine The Efficiency Of The Device Nov 01, 2017

The general steam engine has three cylinders to form a group. Steaming Machine The steam engine directly converts the up and down movement of the piston into the rotary motion of the axle. The new steam engine also contains a small turbine, the steam from the cylinder can also use its waste heat in the promotion of the turbine to improve the efficiency of the entire drive device. The turbine is also connected to the propeller shaft of the ship.

In a steam boiler, the water is boiled into steam by burning. Through the pipeline steam was sent to the cylinder. The valve controls the time the steam reaches the cylinder, Steaming Machine enters the slide valve chamber through the main steam valve and the throttle valve, and enters the left or right side of the cylinder alternately by the spool valve to push the piston movement. Steam in the cylinder to push the piston work, cooling the steam through the pipeline was introduced into the condenser to re-condense into water. This process is repeated during the steam engine movement.

Steam engine mainly by the cylinder, base, Steaming Machine piston, crank connecting rod mechanism, slide valve with steam institutions, speed control agencies and flywheels and other components. The cylinder and the base are stationary.

Energy-saving steam engine, also known as steam generator, gas steam box. The machine is made of gas solenoid valve (which can control the size of firepower), Steaming Machine natural lead fire and fire burner, electronic igniter, 304 stainless steel pipe heat exchanger, steam generator, water level control box, strong row exhaust fan, intelligent control Assembly, and other components.

Biomass pellet energy-saving steam engine is relatively bulky, the installation requirements of special:

1, water source

Energy-saving steam turbine water pipe with ≥ 4 points of water pipes, energy-saving steam turbine inlet should be installed filter. Requiring water pressure between 100-350KPA, Steaming Machine then the best in the water inlet.

2, power supply

Energy-saving steam engine power supply should be 220V AC, the use of the generator is not less than 220V, and must be connected to the ground. Such as the use of 380V or 110V voltage, please contact manufacturers to build.

3, the installation of energy-saving steam engine should be selected in a ventilated and visible environment, the installation of steam engine and steam heating objects (such as steam cabinet) distance should be less than 8 meters, and the level should be higher than the heating object.

4, the installation of energy-saving steam engine in the vicinity of the gas pipe network environment, to maintain a safe distance of 0.5 meters with the pipe network, Steaming Machine pay attention to the back of the fuselage can not press the wire and other combustible materials.

5, because the generator body is relatively heavy, the installation should consider whether the fixed source strong solid, mounted on the solid red brick or cement column, from the wall ≥ 50mm.