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Steaming Machine The Advantages Aug 15, 2017

A steam engine is a reciprocating power machine that converts the energy of steam into mechanical work. Steaming Machine The emergence of the steam engine has caused the 18th century industrial revolution. Steaming Machine Until the beginning of the twentieth century, it was still the most important motive in the world, and later gradually gave way to internal combustion engines and turbines.

The steam engine needs a boiler that boils water to produce high-pressure steam, Steaming Machine which can use wood, coal, oil or natural gas or even as a heat source. Steam expansion drives the piston to work.

Steam engine has a great historical role, it has promoted the machinery industry and even social development, to solve the big machine production in the most critical issues, Steaming Machine and promote the unprecedented progress of transportation. The thermodynamics and mechanics established with its development have laid the foundations for the development of steam turbines and internal combustion engines. The steam turbine has inherited the characteristics of the steam engine as a working fluid and the advantages of using a condenser to reduce the exhaust pressure, The internal combustion engine inherited the basic structure of the steam engine and transmission form, Steaming Machine the use of fuel directly into the cylinder combustion method, forming a much higher thermal efficiency of the thermal cycle; the same time, the steam engine used by the cylinder, Steaming Machine the piston , Flywheel, fly hammer governor, valves and seals, etc., are constituting a variety of modern mechanical basic components.

The early steam engine used steam to produce the vacuum to do the work, and later the use of steam expansion to do work. The original vacuum steam engine was used to draw the water out of the mine. Newcomer's steam engine will be steam into the cylinder after the valve was closed, and then cold water was thrown into the cylinder, steam condensation caused by a vacuum. Piston on the other side of the air pressure to push the piston. In the mine to connect a shaft into the shaft to drive a pump. The movement of the steam engine piston passes through the rod to the piston of the pump to pump the water out of the well. The first great improvement is to separate the cylinder from the chill cylinder through a valve. Watt invented this improvement in Birmingham. This improvement improves the efficiency of the steam engine. Steaming Machine The next improvement is to automate the operation of the valve. These early vacuum steam engines are limited in efficiency, but they are safer because their pressure is relatively low and the machine shrinks inward, rather than exploding, in the event of material damage. Their efficiency is limited by external air pressure, cylinder deformation, combustion and boiling efficiency and coagulation capacity. The theory of the highest efficiency of water under normal atmospheric pressure is relatively low boiling temperature limit. Steaming Machine The use of high temperature and high pressure steam for the efficiency of the steam engine has brought a huge increase. But this steam engine is much more dangerous than a vacuum steam engine. The explosion of boilers and machines caused many major accidents. Safety valve here to bring a lot of improvement in the case of high pressure relief valve decompression. Steaming Machine But the real guarantee of security depends only on the construction, operation and maintenance of experience and safety rules.