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Steaming Machine Application May 27, 2017

Steaming Machine The application of the steam engine has the epoch-making significance, has had the extremely far-reaching influence to each aspect of the human society, to 20th century even today has not completely lost its significance as the machine. As Marx said, the invention and application of the steam engine changed the face of the whole world in a short time.

A. Steaming Machine The innovation of the transport industry has been promoted. The application of steam power has fundamentally changed the face of the transportation technology, which directly led to the invention of steam locomotives and ships. Led to the emergence of the railroad, the American Fulton built the steamboat to create a new era in the world shipping history. The Stevenson made by the British was a new era of land transport. The upsurge of railway construction in Britain after in the 1840 of the 19th century, the United States, France, Germany, Russia and other countries also embarked on the construction of railways, Steaming Machine Soon formed the national railway network. For social production and people to communicate with more convenient conditions.

Two. The development of many industrial sectors has been promoted. By in the 1840 of the 19th century, the steam engine was widely used by European countries and the United States. The steam engine not only first in the textile and mining industry has been widely used, but also promoted to metallurgy, printing and dyeing, Steaming Machine machinery, chemical industry, a series of industrial sectors, accelerated the pace of the industrial revolution, thus triggering the human history of science and technology fourth significant progress (the fourth industrial Revolution ever).

Three. Promote the rise of modern cities. The widespread use of steam turbines has led to the maturation of the machine technology system and the increase in the number of various industrial organizations, industrial technology and machine production to the city, absorbing a large number of agricultural population into the city, began the modern sense of urbanization process. Since 19th century, the number of towns and cities in the United Kingdom has increased very rapidly. The rapid development of modern cities and the acceleration of urbanization have promoted the economic and cultural exchanges between urban and rural areas. The reform of serfdom in Russia in the middle of 19th century, the westward movement of the United States and the Civil War, Steaming Machine the unification of Germany and Italy and the Meiji Restoration of Japan accelerated the urbanization of these countries.

Four. The development of productivity has been promoted. The application of the steam engine is a great breakthrough of the human beings to realize and utilize the natural forces, which is the second revolution of conquering the natural force after the primitive society conquered the fire. It changed the human resources, animal power, water as the main driving force of the history, so that all kinds of machines have a new powerful impetus, fundamentally changed the face of production, improve labor efficiency, greatly liberating the productivity, leading to the first technological revolution in human history, Completed the first leap in the productive forces of the capitalist society. So that the human community began to enter steam as the driving force of the era.

Five. The progress of the mode of production has been promoted. The application of the steam engine provides a powerful lever for the transformation from handicraft to machine-wide industries. Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries have achieved from the manual workshop to mechanized production of the transformation, which is a major change in the form of human labor organization, after which there is a real sense of social production. The factory replaces the workshop as the main form of industrial production, which not only improves the efficiency of production management, And make a large number of farmers and craftsmen become wage earners, thus establishing a capitalist mode of production, human society also from the agricultural economy era into the industrial economy.