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Setting Machine There Is A Variety Of Categories Sep 27, 2017

The machine is the machine used for industrial design, and the molding machine can be divided into shoe - sided molding machine, sock molding machine and fabric shaping machine.

Operating procedures

1 boot

1. 1 click the press button to enter the operation interface of the cloth mechanism. Click the upper left corner to control switch to red.

1. 2 click the cloth mechanism button to enter the interface of the cloth mechanism. Click the top left to control switch to red.

1. 3 press the RESET key "RESET" on the operation panel, the indicator light is out, the starting indicator is blinking, and the starting indicator light is pressed down, and the chain turns to speed up the indicator light.

1.4 click the oven button to enter the heating system:

A. Click on the circulation fan signal icon into the circulation fan power Settings window, click the circulation fan total button pop-up circulation fan power set a small window, click on the white bottom digital box numeric keypad, enter the required power output value, according to the confirmation.

B. Click on the upper left corner or the upper right corner of the exhauster signal icon into the exhauster power Settings window, click the manual control button and confirm, click on the white digital box requirement for small digital keyboard input and confirm it. If you click on the automatic control button and confirm that it will automatically adjust the fan power size.

Click on the oven simulation icon to display the temperature of the digital box into the heating window, and click heating to set the heating temperature in total, and the heating temperature of each oven can be set separately. The heating temperature is below 90 degrees and the icon is heated by a small fire. When the temperature is over 90 degrees, click on the fire signal icon to heat and confirm.

1. The correct way of wearing the cloth is to wear the guide cloth from the inlet to the work station, and wear the guide tape of the cloth part (from the overfeeding roller to the cloth rack).

1. 6 the red stop button on the operation panel, the chain is stopped and the power indicator is flashing. Press the guide cloth to pull up the chain and press the overfeeding button for about 10 seconds. The lower pressure button indicates the light. Open the motor to "1". Lift the slurry tank, hit the rolling pressure, and turn on the motor of the operating station (except for the upper point of the protection of the entrance button), click on the upper left of the cloth body to get the total control button to green.

1. 7 to start the machine first half, to guide the needle protection after the entrance to open on the protection on the entrance to the button to "1", to guide cloth out of the oven to reach the super down when feeding roller, the guide part of cloth and the conduction band connection. Click the general control button of the cloth mechanism to green, and open the parts of each motor to "1" (except the cooling cylinder tension motor switch) to restart the machine to introduce the guide cloth to the cloth rack to stop. Open the cooling cylinder tension motor switch to "1".

1. 8 click the chain control button to enter the chain control interface. According to the process card, the input width is correct

1. According to the process card, it is found that the cloth that is to be machined is pushed to the inlet to be connected with the guide cloth, and the finished materials are put into the slurry tank (the top 20L). According to the tissue condition of the cloth to be processed and the process requirements of the cloth roll or car loading. Set the parameters of each part. According to the weft position of the cloth to be processed, the weft insertion of the weft machine is fast/slow, left fast/right fast. Ringing the bell notice into cloth to boot, stay back to press the start button after the bell, accelerate the lights flashing, set the speed of technical requirement and confirm, click button to accelerate the speed of the car to the technological requirements speed automatically.

2 stop

2. 1. After finishing the cloth, introduce the guide cloth to the operating table, tear off the guide cloth, click the general control button of the incoming cloth to red, and close the pin protection entrance button to "0". To start the machine after half, to guide the middle reach out cloth Super down when feeding roller, the guide cloth and conduction band connection, shut off the cooling tube tension to "0" to start the motor after the machine part to a cloth fabric guide completely and downtime. Turn off the cloth control button to red and start the machine to make the chain idle.

1. 2 blow drying oven button to start the heating system interface, set the heating temperature of 150 degrees, the circulation fan power 50%, convulsions machinist dynamic control and power convulsions at 100%, it can effectively clean the residual moisture in oven, which have the effect of maintenance of oven. After running about 30 minutes, turn off the heating system and let the circulating fan and dryers continue to run to the oven for less than 100 degrees and then close again.

2. 3. Total control switch to "OFF", the computer automatically store processing data and shut down, and clean the whole machine.