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Setting Machine The Requirements Of The Standard Aug 15, 2017

The stereotypes in the production process to produce a large number of exhaust gas, each stereotypes produce about 8000 cubic meters per hour of exhaust gas, Setting Machine the exhaust gas temperature reached 90 ~ 160 ℃ or so, the textiles attached to the oil, wax and softener, Resin and other high temperature conditions into a gaseous, containing granular pollutants (including aerosols, oil mist), organic steam, oil droplets are mostly less than 1 micron. When the external pressure is low, these irritating smell and rolling white smoke, will be more serious pollution of the environment, Setting Machine to the surrounding people's health to bring adverse effects.

(See Table 1), mainly in the fumes of organic matter or surfactant components or decomposition products, most of the components generally in the form of molecular gaseous substances or tiny droplets in the Air in the formation of aerosol substances and other liquid form exists. Among them, Setting Machine polyhydroxy compounds, ethylene glycol compounds and dioctyl adipate and so called "can not be classified human carcinogens", ethylene glycol compounds is a good solvent, no toxicity, but easy to be oxidized Into a toxic oxalic acid substances, while these small aerosols dispersed in the air, easily lead to respiratory diseases.Setting Machine  Fumes also contain nitroxines and nitropyridines, and other ether species. These substances from the stereotypes of the exhaust gas will cause a certain poison, affecting the human immune system and reproductive system, and even cancer.

For the stereotypes of exhaust gas treatment equipment requirements standards: exhaust gas collection rate should reach more than 90%, the total particulate matter removal rate should reach 80%, fume removal rate should reach 75%, after the purification of waste water and waste oil have control two Secondary pollution and recycling of effective measures.

In recent years, stereotypes machine waste gas treatment equipment is common for the water spray treatment process, the process is simple, the structure of the equipment diversification, Setting Machine mainly with the pump to the tube of the purifier water supply, through the barrel of the nozzle to form water mist, Of the exhaust gas into the purifier by the exhaust fan, flue gas in the cylinder through the mist, Setting Machine so that the smoke in the smoke and smoke were caught by water mist, flue gas to be purified. The backwater of the purifier will carry the oil dust into the tank for oil and dust separation.

However, the shortcomings of this flue gas treatment process are: 1. Spraying the waste water generated by the secondary pollution; 2. Emissions of exhaust gas treatment is not thorough, when the larger fumes encountered in the stereotypes can not solve the smoke discharge , Setting Machine Especially in the intended process of soot is particularly serious.

The size of the duct is determined according to the exhaust air volume of the setting machine. In addition, the air duct diameter is φ680mm, and the diameter of the duct is usually set according to the distance of the air supply and the smoothness of the duct and the cost cost. Setting Machine And four sets of machine supporting the use of duct diameter φ960mm. Set the machine and the boiler room of the air duct to minimize the elbow, gas distance as the spatial location does not affect the production of the shortest distance design, gas transmission distance is generally controlled at 20 to 100 meters.