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Setting Machine The Pursuit Of Advanced Nature Oct 18, 2017

With the development of social science and technology progress, stereotypes will continue to transform and innovation, Jiangyin new Machinery Co., Ltd. in the machinery and equipment to do large-scale, Setting Machine serialization. In today's market is facing a more segmented market. Our products will be more suitable for the needs of customers, in the pursuit of advanced nature of the premise, the applicability of more important!

The principle of the stereotypes are the same, Setting Machine the shape is almost the same, "to see who's the wind, the wind cycle, dampness, transmission and other details to do more sophisticated, we must according to the customer's product range, more accurate for customers to customize "At the moment, the emergence of" batch "of consumers or customers of the times has passed," one by one "of consumers or customers began to pop. The future are personalized custom products, we must find the user's pain points, Setting Machine so that the ultimate product.

Stretch stereotypes are a great blend of modern information technology, biotechnology and automation technology. Online monitoring, intelligent management, flexible, Setting Machine modular structural design, maximizing efficiency and reducing labor. The building has a smaller size and 30 minutes to achieve a uniform process temperature.

The fumes from the embossing machine exhaust are derived from the oxidized oil and the styling machine lubricating chain oil in the creatures that are volatilized from the high-temperature stereotypes of the styling machine, including phosphates used as chemical fiber oil smoothing agents, Setting Machine antistatic agents and emulsifiers , Sulfuric acid esters, fatty acid esters, polyether and the like, and lubricating oils. Compared with the fishery of the catering industry, the main powder is much more complicated, and the viscosity difference between the two is larger. The viscosity of the industrial fumes is not as good as that of the catering industry, Setting Machine which leads to the fact that the sampling cartridge is not easily adsorbed to the whole smoke.

Traditional all calendering machine whether it is oil heat conduction or any way to warm the drying fabric, so that a huge space only take a single layer of cloth is a waste of energy, Setting Machine but also a lot of space. Feng special use of the fastest heat of the aluminum alloy made into a fully sealed fuel tank, built-in heating tube heating oil, so that the entire tank up and down the temperature around the two sides are completely uniform.