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Setting Machine The Principle Jun 13, 2017

Setting Machine Cloth in the textile process to add a lot of additives, mostly organic compounds, when the fabric is stereotyped, as the temperature of the oven reaches more than 200 degrees, Setting Machine the high temperature of the cloth in the organic oil, dyes, auxiliaries, fiber particles such as particulate matter evaporation of pollutants into the gaseous high-temperature oil mist, along with the exhaust gas exhaust system out of the oven, Setting Machine discharged into the atmosphere air pollution. One of the important components is the direct-chain carbon 9.

Typical eight-box-shaped machine flue gas is about 10,000 cubic meters per hour, the concentration of dust (the dye above) is about hundreds of mg per cubic metre, which causes great pollution to the surrounding environment, and if it is discharged through the chimney, it will often smell a lot of miles away. Setting Machine Long-term inhalation of these organic pollutants is a great danger to the human body.

For these high-temperature pollutants, the use of ordinary water bath and mechanical removal rate is very low, the direct use of electrostatic precipitator equipment can not achieve satisfactory results. Setting Machine Ke-Mai environmental protection company pioneered the use of industrial short distance fire-retardant industrial electrostatic oil purifier, can completely solve the stereotypes machine exhaust pollution. First of all, Setting Machine the flue gas passes through the heat exchanger, which is made of finned tube, cools the flue gas to a proper value, condenses the gaseous pollutants into tiny droplets and then uses the short electrostatic field to purify and recycle.

The principle of this system is to remove the high temperature flue gas through the filtration device to separate the fiber particles, after the heat exchanger to the electrostatic treatment of the temperature, and then through the Lampblack purification equipment will have oil, dyes, Setting Machine additives and other harmful components into liquid oil recovery (lampblack purification efficiency South).

The treated flue gas becomes a clean gas discharge. The recovered waste oil is of high purity and can be sold to recyclers for conversion into profits, Setting Machine or as a recycling of raw materials to recoup project investment in the short term.

Different stereotypes, different fabrics, different processes produced by the nature of the flue gas is very different from the impurities in the flue gas is not the same, Setting Machine cooling devices and electrostatic lampblack purifier must be able to adapt to these conditions.

In addition, the inside of the stereotypes machine, flue occasionally appear fire phenomenon. Decontamination equipment must be able to ensure that it does not go wrong.

Printing and dyeing industry complex production process, in order to improve the appearance of products, surface characteristics and dyeing quality, need to add a variety of textile auxiliaries and solvents. After dyeing and rinsing, textiles need to undergo hot-setting process, Setting Machine the use of fabrics with the characteristics of thermoplastic, in the stereotypes machine drying tensile and heat treatment, to achieve the purpose of stereotypes.

The temperature of dry hot air in the setting machine is usually controlled in the 120 range. In the shaping process, the fabric carrying moisture and solvents, grease and wax and other organic compounds together with heat volatilization, along with the waste heat air from the exhaust cylinder, Setting Machine become stereotypes machine exhaust gas. After the exhaust gas enters the atmosphere, saturated water vapor and high boiling point of organic vapor condensation due to temperature, the formation of a large number of white water mist and light blue smoke, the latter by a small particle size, viscous particles, the low boiling point of organic matter in the exhaust gas is still the form of steam.

Stereotypes machine waste gas has a sickening odor, Setting Machine long-term inhalation of oily smoke, easy to lead to human respiratory diseases. Some scholars have analyzed the chemical composition of the fume of the dyeing and finishing by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, and the results show that the exhaust gas contains many kinds of

Long-time pollutants, Setting Machine adsorbed on small liquid and solid particles, including hydroxyl compounds, ethylene glycol compounds and adipic acid dioctyl esters, as well as nitrobenzene, Setting Machine pyridine and ether compounds.

The accumulation of these pollutants in the human body may affect the central nervous system and the reproductive system, reduce human immunity, cause a variety of diseases, and may even induce canceration.

In addition, volatile organic waste gas (VOCs) as a member of the stereotypes machine exhaust, the harm to the human body can not be underestimated. Setting Machine The most common such as benzene, toluene, styrene, such organic matter can damage the central nervous system, causing neurological disorders, when benzene vapor concentration is too high (air content up to 2%), can cause lethal acute poisoning.