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Setting Machine The Operation Effect Jul 06, 2017

Stereotypes machine exhaust gas purification equipment also exist in varying degrees of security risks, Setting Machine due to filter cleaning is not timely, grease condensate pipeline blocked, electrostatic ignition and other reasons, the machine overheating fire and blasting accidents have occurred. Setting Machine In addition, the stereotypes of waste gas contains a high humidity, moisture condensation in the high-voltage insulators, resulting in electrostatic field due to "creep" phenomenon and failure, but also affect the normal operation of equipment.

Equipment production and installation is not standardized, Setting Machine maintenance is not timely, the operator is not strictly training, safety awareness is not in place and the enterprise operation and management responsibilities are not implemented and other factors, have affected the operation of exhaust gas treatment equipment.

At present, for the dyeing and finishing machine emissions of high temperature oil-containing flue gas, the state has not yet developed the relevant emission standards and testing methods. Setting Machine The exhaust gas temperature is high, the humidity is high, the oil content is high and the composition is complex, and the current detection method is the reference method of the smoke detection in the waste of the catering industry. The sampling process is prone to large error. Shaoxing County in 2006 in the special management action, Setting Machine put forward the stereotypes of waste gas collection rate, particle removal rate and other indicators, in the actual operation process is very difficult.

Exhaust gas in the smoke particles of small particle size, Setting Machine the number of large, and the quality concentration is often very low. The high removal rate of fume quality concentration does not mean that the amount of soot particles is high. The use of mass concentration as the basis for the development of emission standards, it is difficult to characterize the impact of fume exhaust on the atmospheric transparency of the severity. Should be developed as soon as possible for the dyeing and finishing machine exhaust emissions standards, adding opacity and other indicators, the impact of atmospheric emissions to assess the degree of atmospheric transparency.

Sewage machine exhaust gas treatment is the most difficult to deal with volatile organic waste gas, in the existing stereotypes of waste gas treatment, Setting Machine VOCs are often enterprises and environmental protection departments "missing a" in the printing and dyeing industry, there is no corresponding policies and regulations on the Organic emissions to limit emissions. With the development of social economy and people's awareness of environmental protection, people put a higher demand for environmental quality, Setting Machine so the organic waste treatment and purification is imperative.

Organic waste gas treatment methods are mainly two categories: one is the recovery method. Recovery method is through physical methods, Setting Machine at a certain temperature, pressure, with selective adsorbent and selective permeable membrane and other methods to separate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including activated carbon adsorption, pressure swing adsorption, condensation and Biofilm and so on. The other is the elimination of the law. Elimination is the chemical or biological reaction, with light, heat, Setting Machine catalyst and microorganisms to organic matter into water and carbon dioxide, including thermal oxidation, Setting Machine catalytic combustion, biological oxidation, corona, plasma decomposition, photolysis The