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Setting Machine The Goal Of Aug 07, 2017

The setting machine is the key equipment for textile dyeing and finishing. Although the air duct above the setting machine has installed the ventilation system, Setting Machine the soot temperature is still high (the smoke temperature is about 130 ℃) during the heat setting process. In the production of a large number of high-temperature gas, high temperature gas containing organic oil, dyes, dye additives, lubricants, fiber particles and other pollutants. Its main components are aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, esters, lactones, Setting Machine heterocyclic compounds, aromatic compounds. When the styling machine work out of the oil mist exhaust gas inhalation of the human body can directly damage the respiratory mucosa, the human respiratory tract and lung have a certain stimulating effect, reduce the body's immune function, people appear cough, chest tightness, Setting Machine shortness of breath symptoms, airway contraction, Increased respiratory resistance. Oil mist evaporation in the atmosphere is not easy to dissolve in the water, will not fall to the ground with the rain, and will float in the air, the formation of long-term pollution sources. At the same time oil mist evaporation in the atmosphere of molecular groups inhalable particulate matter composition is complex, and has a strong adsorption capacity, is a variety of pollutants "carrier" and "catalyst", Setting Machine and sometimes can become a collection of a variety of pollutants, It is the source of photochemical reactions (contaminants) in the air, along with other volatile organic compounds. Diffuse in the workshop, Setting Machine the flue gas itself is also raw materials, direct efflux will not only around the large area of the air and the crowd caused serious impact and harm, but also cause huge waste of raw materials.

The high-voltage electrostatic fume purification equipment utilizes the electrons emitted from the electric field in the electric field and the negative ions generated by the electrons colliding with the air molecules to catch the soot particles so that the soot particles are charged and then the electric field is used so that the charged soot particles are replaced by the anode Adsorption, in order to achieve the purpose of removing fumes.

The high-voltage electrostatic fume purifier is a narrow-spaced double-zone structure. Setting Machine The double zone type refers to the ionization section and the collecting section. Each ionization section is composed of a series of tungsten steel wires and is connected to the high voltage direct current in the middle of a series of grounding plates. The particles are ionized and positively or negatively charged when passing through the strong electrostatic field of the ionizer.

Each collection section consists of a number of parallel plates connected to the high voltage direct current (the polarity is the same as the ionizer but the voltage is halved) to form an electric field. The charged particles are attracted by the ground plate and are also driven by the charged plate. Setting Machine When the air flow contains charged particles, can be efficiently removed.

Collecting components in the case of a stable distribution of air to ensure that low-speed through the collection section. The air flow is supplied by the fan located behind the collecting assembly, Setting Machine pushing the air to flow at a specific speed.

Flexible: Modular purification unit can be flexible combination, according to the different purification capacity and purification rate requirements, Setting Machine the number of units can be adjusted for adaptability.

Convenient: modular cleaning unit with split drawer structure, easy to install, maintenance, Setting Machine cleaning is particularly convenient.

Advanced: static power control system can automatically adjust the electric field strength, so that purification equipment in the long run still maintain a high purification rate.

Safety: safety system design carefully, access door is opened, Setting Machine high-voltage power supply is automatically cut off; high-voltage power supply is carefully designed as epoxy resin tightly closed unit, the use of safe and reliable; using the mainframe flashover tracking technology can be equipped with Remote control system, Setting Machine greatly improving the operating safety factor.

Stable: static power control system with over-current over-voltage automatic protection device to ensure stable operation of equipment.