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Setting Machine Technical Reserves Sep 26, 2017

In the cotton yarn stereotypes market capacity growth, Setting Machine the enterprise will focus on the expansion of production capacity, energy-saving investment in the energy but less.

The state's macro-management and control lacks a coercive effect on the business.

The price war caused by vicious competition makes the enterprises bear the huge cost pressure, the market capacity to decline, efficient products will inevitably lead to the decline in corporate profits, but also not recognized by the market. As a result, companies lack the enthusiasm to develop, produce and sell energy-efficient products. For large-scale, low-efficiency, low-cost as the main feature of the Chinese industrial humidifier business, the introduction of new energy efficiency standards, Setting Machine they both lost the inherent advantages of low-cost, but also the lack of energy-saving technology, technical reserves. In the increasingly brutal market environment, how to survive and develop has become a key issue facing enterprises. But the energy conservation has become China's national policy, regardless of the size of enterprises, only to develop energy-efficient products is the only way out. Energy conservation has become China's national policy, regardless of the size of enterprises, only to develop energy-efficient products in the market can have a better performance.

Domestic stereotypes must be fully developed energy efficient machines. Stereotypes machine industry development so far no matter the number of products, the number of enterprises, production and sales and market ownership have been rapid growth, the occurrence of dizzying changes. According to Jiangsu Wuxi Textile Association estimates that in 2010 China's stereotypes have only more than 10 million units of production. There is no doubt that China has become the world's steaming machine production power. From the reality of energy consumption, China is facing new challenges of environmental problems. Therefore, it is far-reaching strategic significance to improve the energy efficiency and strengthen the operation and management of the steaming machine. Setting Machine It is an effective way to cut the peak and fill the valley and alleviate the bottleneck of China's electric power. It has far-reaching strategic significance for China's economic development and environmental protection. At present the country is revising the steam box energy efficiency standards, will require the machine to improve the efficiency of a more substantial. At the same time we should also see that China's steamer manufacturers for energy-saving problems are always outside the no pressure, Setting Machine no power in the situation. Product efficiency is low, Setting Machine serious waste. Especially some small business products, special machines and so on.

One, not afraid of environmental protection departments of the door pressing, to be a responsible business;

Second, Setting Machine in the local gas company under the concession can be modified early to enjoy the relevant state subsidies;

Third, in the process of processing, the work more efficient;

Fourth, Setting Machine the factory environment is better, cleaner and more space for enterprises to save land pressure;

Five, the effect of burning up to 30% or more;

Six, ten minutes from the normal temperature to be set to the temperature.