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Setting Machine More Efficient Nov 03, 2017

First, not afraid of environmental protection departments come home pressing, be a responsible business;

Second, under the concessions of the local gas companies, they can enjoy relevant subsidies from the state earlier;

Third, in the process of processing, the work efficiency is higher;

Fourth, the factory environment is better, cleaner and more space for enterprises to save land pressure;

Fifth, the effect of burning up to 30% or more;

Six, ten minutes to reach the temperature you want to set from room temperature.

The setting machine waste sources are the following:

Oil: From the nature of the fabric and on the process, such as stereotypes when the exhaust gas contains a lot of oil mist, and pure cotton fabric exhaust gas content is low;

Dust: Fiber and combustible dust from the fabric;

Smoke: solid particles

Dyeing auxiliaries: At present, Setting Machine the annual output of China's textile auxiliaries 260,000 to 280,000 tons, of which pre-treatment agent of about 74,000 to 77,000 tons, a net lotion, penetrant, oil, scouring agents and stabilizers about 300 varieties; dyeing auxiliaries of about 118,000 to 112,000 tons, a leveling agent, defoamers, opened the powder, promoting agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, adhesives, fixing agents, optical brighteners And insurance powder about 600 varieties; finishing agent of about 68,000 ~ 71,000 tons, antistatic agent, softener, resin finishing agent, waterproofing agent and coating agent 5 varieties.

Emission standards: Strictly speaking, there is no national standard for setting machine exhaust emission standards. In 2006, the "Dyeing and Finishing Operation" in Shaoxing City provided a reference case for the domestic emission control of printing and dyeing machine.

Treatment equipment: stereotypes exhaust gas treatment equipment commonly used for the water spray treatment process, because the water spray process is simple, the equipment is not complicated, is to use water pump to cylindrical purifier water supply, nozzle through the cylinder to form a water mist, Stereotyped machine exhaust fan into the purifier, flue gas in the barrel through the mist, so fumes in the flue gas mist was trapped, the flue gas to be purified. Purifier backwater will capture the fume dust into the tank for oil and dust separation.

Equipment shortcomings are: 1, waste water lead to secondary pollution; 2, if the equipment produces quality problems or improper debugging, it will lead to leakage within the oven, affecting the quality of the fabric.

Electrostatic treatment process advantages: 1, will not produce secondary pollution, 2, flue gas purification effect is good, 3, there will be no water leakage, 4, waste oil recovery effect is good.

Electrostatic purifier used in stereotypes exhaust gas treatment, should consider two key issues:

1, must first consider the dust after purification, Setting Machine with mechanical filters or other needs of professional design;

2, we must solve the problem of preventing the purifier fire, the solution to this problem can be considered cooling and then re-purification, while the purifier to install automatic sprinkler.

Electrostatic treatment of purification equipment technology, structural requirements are relatively high.

At present, Setting Machine there are almost no successful cases of the electrostatic treatment process in operation. The main reason is that the problem of clogging the fiber dust in the flue gas of the stereotypes has not been solved effectively. Setting Machine At the same time, the electrostatic treatment greatly increases the equipment input cost and operation cost. The sprinkler treatment process has been widely used in setting machine exhaust gas treatment project because of its advantages of less investment (such as LQDF type setting machine exhaust gas treatment system of each market price of about 75,000 yuan), low operating costs, and obvious treatment effect.