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Setting Machine Form Exists Jun 26, 2017

Printing and dyeing industry, Setting Machine the production process is complex, in order to improve the appearance of the product, surface properties and dyeing quality, the need to add a variety of textile auxiliaries and solvents. Textiles in the dyeing and rinsing, the need to go through the heat setting process, the use of the fabric has the characteristics of thermoplastic, in the stereotypes drying tenter and heat treatment, Setting Machine to achieve the purpose of stereotypes.

The temperature of the dry and hot air in the setting machine is usually controlled within the range of 120 to 210 ° C. In the process of shaping, the moisture carried by the fabric with the solvent, grease and wax and other organic compounds together with the heat and volatile, together with the waste hot air from the exhaust cylinder, as stereotypes machine exhaust. After the exhaust gas enters the atmosphere, Setting Machine the supersaturated water vapor and the high boiling organic vapor are condensed by the temperature drop, forming a large amount of white water mist and light blue smoke, respectively, which consists of very small particles with viscous particles ; Setting Machine Low-boiling organic matter in the exhaust gas, still in the form of vapor.

Stereotypes machine exhaust gas has a disgusting odor, long-term inhalation of oil-containing flue gas, easily lead to the body's respiratory disease. Some scholars have used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze the chemical composition of flue gas from dyeing and finishing. The results show that the exhaust gas contains a variety of

The highly contaminating substances are adsorbed on fine liquid and solid particles, including polyhydroxy compounds, ethylene glycol compounds and dioctyl adipate, as well as nitroanilines, Setting Machine nitropyridines and ether compounds.

The accumulation of these pollutants in the human body, may affect the central nervous system and reproductive system, reduce the body's immune system, causing a variety of diseases, and may even induce cancer.

In addition, volatile organic waste gas (VOCs) as a member of the stereotypes of waste gas, the harm to the human body can not be underestimated. The most common such as benzene, Setting Machine toluene, styrene, etc., this type of organic matter will damage the human central nervous system, causing neurological disorders, when the benzene vapor concentration is too high (air content of 2%), can cause fatal acute poisoning The

Air in a variety of VOCs will also act on the human body, resulting in accumulation effect, when the total VOCS more than 35mg / m³, will lead to coma, convulsions and other serious symptoms.

During the transportation and discharge process, the coagulation and adhesion of the soot particles are caused by the decrease of the temperature. Setting Machine Water vapor and oil and gas cooling into water mist and oil mist, and exhaust gas carried in the fabric fibers and other solid particles together in the equipment and piping on the inner wall of the deposition of viscous grease.

The oil mist in the high temperature exhaust gas and the grease stained in the pipeline have the characteristics of flammable and explosive. The fabric fibers in the exhaust gas are too easy to clog the packing or the filter, resulting in the increase of the flow resistance of the pipeline equipment. Setting Machine Air static disturbances generated by the friction between the static electricity, but also lead to the occurrence of fire accident often an important factor affecting the safety of production and economic benefits.

A large number of durable, stable white or light blue flue gas discharged from the stereotypes resulted in a decrease in the transparency and visibility of the air around the plant, Setting Machine which significantly affected the sensory indicators of the atmospheric environment. Exhaust gas contained in the soot particles, stable nature, insoluble in water, particle size is usually less than 1um, is an important source of atmospheric PM2.5, long floating in the air, easy to regional atmospheric environment caused by continuous pollution.

A large number of submicron particles in the exhaust pollutants are complex, have a strong ability to adsorb, is a variety of high boiling organic pollutants carrier; Setting Machine low boiling point of volatile organic compounds, is the destruction of the atmospheric ozone killer and lead to air photochemistry The main cause of smoke.