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Setting Machine Change Gas Analysis Aug 29, 2017

The cost of using a natural gas direct combustion instead of a heat transfer oil boiler is about 30% higher, but the environmental pressure is greatly reduced. County Printing and Dyeing Association president, stereotypes machine "coal to gas" is the printing and dyeing industry development trend, is the enterprise upgrade necessary, this "loss of business" late as early as do.

Economic accounts:

Reduce environmental pressure

With the increasing demand for environmental quality, printing and dyeing enterprises in the stereotypes generally heat conduction oil boiler heating, not only consume resources, but also pollute the environment. County in the implementation of printing and dyeing enterprises to upgrade the project, the gathering of coastal industrial areas of the printing and dyeing enterprises set up the scale of enterprises, technology and equipment, environmental management and other access conditions, thermal oil boiler heating process in the elimination of the ranks. "Natural gas is clean energy, if vigorously promoted, will effectively ease the county's environmental pollution pressure." County Environmental Protection Bureau of the person in charge of the stereotypes "coal to gas" highly agree.

In the government's active guidance and energy-saving emission reduction "Daobi", the county printing and dyeing enterprises gradually realized that "coal to gas" on the development of printing and dyeing enterprises, is the trend. "Environmental protection has become the current business of the primary problem." Fu see Lin told reporters that more and more printing and dyeing enterprises realized that even if the economic cost of calculating a loss, companies will do this "business." As early as the end of last year, Fu Shi Lin has been love natural gas stereotypes, the two stereotypes into natural gas combustion.

What are the benefits of changing the natural gas?

One, not afraid of environmental protection departments of the door pressing, to be a responsible business;

Second, in the local gas company under the concession can be modified earlier to enjoy the relevant state subsidies;

Third, in the processing of the process, the work more efficient;

Fourth, the factory environment is better, cleaner and more space for enterprises to save land pressure;

Five, the effect of burning up to 30% or more;

Six, ten minutes from the normal temperature to be set to the temperature.