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Setting Machine Can Automatically Adjust Oct 13, 2017

The shaping machine is the key equipment of finishing of textile printing and dyeing, the wind pipe above the stereotypes machine has already installed the ventilation system, Setting Machine but in the cloth heat shaping process The lampblack temperature is still high (the lampblack temperature can reach 130 ℃ or so), therefore the shaping machine dries the room to produce the high temperature gas, the high temperature gas contains the organic oil, dyes, the dye auxiliary, the lubricating Fibrous particulate matter and other pollutants. Its main components are aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, esters, lactone, heterocyclic compounds, Setting Machine aromatic compounds. The oil mist fumes from the work of the machine can directly damage the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, have a certain stimulating effect on the human respiratory tract and lungs, reduce the immune function of the human body, cause cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, airway contraction and respiratory resistance increase. Volatile oil mist in the atmosphere is not easy to dissolve in water, not as rain land to the ground, but will float in the air, forming a long-term source of pollution. At the same time, the composition of inhalable particulate matter in the atmosphere by a molecular group of oil mist is complex, and has a strong adsorption capacity, is a variety of pollutants "carrier" and "catalyst", sometimes can become a collection of multiple pollutants, and other volatile organic compounds, Setting Machine it is the source of photochemical reactions (pollution) in the air. Dispersion in the workshop, these flue gas itself is also raw materials, direct external platoon not only to the surrounding large areas of air and people cause serious impact and harm, will also cause huge waste of raw materials.

High efficiency: Effectively trapping the different particle size of oil mist particles, purifying the efficient, fundamentally solve the problem of pollution transfer. (This technology is used in developed countries in Europe and America)

Flexible: Modular purification unit can be flexible combination, according to the different purification process and purification rate requirements, Setting Machine the number of units can be adjusted adaptively.

Convenient: Modular purification unit using a separate drawer-type structure, easy to install, maintain, cleaning is particularly convenient.

Advanced: Electrostatic power control system can automatically adjust the intensity of the electric field, so that the purification equipment in the long run to maintain a high purification rate.

Safety: The security system is well designed, Setting Machine the overhaul door is opened, and the High-voltage power supply is automatically cut off; High voltage power supply is carefully designed into a tightly closed unit of epoxy resin, using safe and reliable; The flash tracking technology used in mainframe can be equipped with remote control system, Setting Machine which greatly improves the safety factor of operation

Stability: The electrostatic power control system has passed through the pressure automatic protection device to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.