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Pressing Machine Templates And Modules Jul 07, 2016

Adhesive lamination tooling according to model structured into vertical pressure template, template, vertical and horizontal pressure integral forming formwork three. The first two by the size and shape of different templates and modules of the outsole surface, after a block of rubber sheet made with the bottom at the end of the same convex or concave surfaces.

Vertical lamination module and template: respectively the former template, portfolio templates, followed by the high module, modules and other components. Semi-finished products of templates and modules provided by machine, templates with sole or heel make contact surfaces by a shoe factory, make the following steps. First step: install and adjust templates semi-finished template and the relative position of the modules installed on the press and sole kicks and template and module of the heel shape adjustment point, making the template touches the sole of the part shape is consistent. Second step: according to the sole of shoe template lines according to the size shape and size, on the template side out skipping stitches, as a template for making contact with the soles of surfaces at sign. The third step: surface grinding template template taken from the presses, vertical and horizontal surfaces or shoe under soles, according to stitch on the grinder, grinding on a template template surfaces. In order to surface accuracy, can be detected between grinding for the shoe chassis. Fourth step: trim surfaces and the template the template module installed on the bed again, with the sole test template and module surfaces, making both good contact and, if necessary, should be carefully trimmed.