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Pressing Machine Structure And Properties Jul 07, 2016

Shoe machinery primarily by press agencies, before and after the columns and hydraulic and electric control system. Press Agency: press agency was formed outsole and helps foot the adhesive surface shape and self-adjusting function for devices, mainly former combination of modules, module, rear module, press the base components, driven by movement in the oil cylinder. Surfaces should be consistent with the shoe on the front module front chassis shape, combined module consists of a central chassis modules shoe shape, rear modules! Laminated surface should conform to the outsole with heel shapes. The three modules of the outsole and helps the adhesive surface of the foot shape better, more uniform bonding pressure, adhesion strength higher. Combination modules modules respectively, driven by a small cylinder, according to the Central end of shoe changed coiled surface characteristics and automatically adjust the height of the module. Modules are made from rubber, is the glue lamination machine with shoe and change the shape at the end of important technology equipment.

Columns before and after body: after the Agency by former column, columns and the upper part of the column guides, and distance of the adjustment handle adjustment two columns to accommodate different number of shoe has a reasonable amount of pressure points. Before and after the columns respectively on the front and rear of the shoe. The internal structure of the two columns for the plunger cylinder, two oil Chamber and tubing connections to ensure balanced pressure point pressure before and after.