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Moulding Machine Range Aug 15, 2017

⑴ use: tire molding machine for the curtain, bead, cloth, Moulding Machine tread and other parts of the paste into a tire tire.

⑵ classification: a lot of types of molding machines, Moulding Machine usually by the following methods to classify. ① According to the shape of the drum shape is divided into drum, semi-drum, core and half-core tire tire molding machine. At present, the main use of semi-core wheel and semi-drum and semi-drum tire molding machine. ② According to the structure of the tire is divided into ordinary (oblique) tire molding machine and radial tire molding machine. ③ by the package side is divided into finger-shaped edge (also known as mechanical package edge), Moulding Machine pressure roller side, the capsule side of the tire molding machine. ④ by molding method is divided into sleeve method and layer paste tire molding machine. These two tire molding machines in addition to the way for different ways to increase or decrease the number of specialized parts, there is no essential difference.

In addition to the single machine tire molding machine, Moulding Machine there are more than one dedicated molding machine composed of tire molding unit. This molding unit to break the tire molding process into a number of links, each link by a dedicated molding machine to complete the composition of the flow of operations, is conducive to the realization of the tire molding process of mechanization and automation.

Multi-layer co-extruded plastic hollow molding machine in the extrusion blow molding machine is a weak link in the field. Multi-layer foam sheet machine co-extruded hollow product development, Moulding Machine to promote multi-layer molding machine co-extruded hollow plastic molding machine development. From the international point of view, in recent years, multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic molding machine development is very rapid, and technological progress quickly. Multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic molding machine is a promising plastic hollow molding machine.

Multi-layer blow molding products, Moulding Machine not only in the food packaging industry is developing rapidly, high-barrier multi-layer hollow blow molding products, the product will be in the proportion of hollow area is growing. But in the chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and other industrial packaging is also more and more rapidly.

There are also the number of varieties introduced, for example, Hengyang Huayi Machinery Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed HYB-75D duplex three IML foam molding machine, four-mode duplex an accurate integrated PID temperature control system, screw squeeze Real-time detection of pressure, Moulding Machine flash automatic, accurate computer-controlled Siemens products without affecting the conditions of the obstacles and reduce the quality of the middle and inner thickness (0.03-0.05 mm), to fill the gaps in the domestic.

Six total 500L plastic hollow molding machine, the German machine level.Extruder r \\ & e focusMulti layer of plastic hollow molding machine common extrusion similar to the following three points:

(1) The combined packaging system, which can be based on different materials, Moulding Machine allows the nose to be a special combination

(2) the scope of the study of coextrusion die (mold) to meet the requirements of different materials, different floors, head diameter;

(3) research-based mechanical processes, which can be a different molding station, Moulding Machine including the speed and size of the platform for the production and design of the product