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Moulding Machine Plastic Processing Oct 09, 2017

The molding machine is a high-performance forging device that cuts and cuts the coil material and produces hundreds of bolts per minute. According to the different structure of forging die, Moulding Machine can produce a variety of parts and screw blanks. This paper describes the structure and characteristics of the equipment, which is indispensable in the process of bolt making, and introduces the latest function and development trend of the molding machine. In recent years, in the molding process worthy of special attention to the two aspects of technology: First, replace the preparation process and improve the operating rate of technology; Second, Moulding Machine high-precision molding technology.

Bolts are mainly made of top upsetting machine or bolt forming machine. The nut blank is mainly made of nut forming machine. Simple shape of the bolt blank through the two processes upsetting can be processed, hexagonal bolts and hex bolts through the 3-4 process upsetting can be processed. The production of nut blanks was mainly cut prior to the 1950s and is now available in 4 to 5 steps upsetting.

The molding machine is a kind of horizontal press, which is mainly driven by crank mechanism. The molding machine cuts the incoming material, i.e., the coil or bar, into a predetermined length, after which the blank is sandwiched between a fixed forging die (female mold) and a moving die (male mold) for molding. It is mainly used for bolts, rivets and parts of the cold forging and hot upsetting.

Forming machine processing procedures are:

1) After straightening by the straightening roller, Moulding Machine the material end of the material fed by the feed roller stops when it stops against the stopper and is then sheared to a predetermined length by a shearing machine. The cut blank is then conveyed to The position of the push machine;

2) in the push-up position, Moulding Machine the blank is pushed out of the shearing machine by the putter, and is ejected by the transfer robot in the first step;

3) The blank conveyed to the first female mold position by the transfer device can be molded into the female mold by the first male mold, molded and pushed out from the female mold, and pushed out with the second transfer robot;

4) The subsequent process repeats the operation of the above-mentioned three steps, Moulding Machine and the final shape is formed in the final step.

The advantages of the molding machine are as follows:

1) equipped with a shearing device, in order to facilitate the transport of blanks, Moulding Machine from the material to the final process can be continuous automatic production;

2) production speed, per minute to produce hundreds of pieces;

3) because it is continuous automated production, so the impact of human factors, processing accuracy deviation is small.