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Moulding Machine Is Widely Used Jun 26, 2017

The injection molding machine is a kind of plastic material which can be formed in a complicated shape, accurate in size or with metal inserts. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, Moulding Machine agriculture, culture and health and people's daily Life in all fields. Injection molding process for a variety of plastic processing has a good adaptability, high production capacity, and easy to achieve automation. In the rapid development of the plastics industry today, injection molding machine regardless of the number or variety have an important position, Moulding Machine thus becoming the fastest growing plastic machinery, the largest number of production models.

China's plastic processing enterprises Xing Luo its cloth, all over the country, the technical level of equipment uneven, most of the processing enterprises need to technological transformation of equipment. Over the past few years, China's press industry, technological progress is very significant, Moulding Machine especially the technical level of injection molding machine and the gap between foreign brand-name products greatly reduced in the control level, product quality and appearance of the shape and other aspects have made significant improvements. Choose domestic equipment to a smaller investment, the same can also produce the quality of imported equipment and considerable product. Moulding Machine These have created the conditions for the technological transformation of enterprises.

To have a good product, you must have a good device. Equipment wear and corrosion is a natural law, people have mastered this law, you can prevent or reduce equipment wear and corrosion, Moulding Machine extend the equipment life cycle, to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

The working principle of the injection molding machine is similar to that of the injector, which is the injection of the plasticized molten state (ie, viscous) into the closed cavity by means of the thrust of the screw (or plunger) The process of obtaining the finished product after curing.

Injection molding is a cycle of the process, each cycle mainly include: quantitative feeding - melt plasticization - pressure injection - charge cooling - Kai-picking. Moulding Machine Remove the plastic parts and then closed the mold, the next cycle.

Injection molding machine according to the plastic method is divided into plunger injection molding machine and screw injection molding machine; according to the machine drive can be divided into hydraulic, mechanical and hydraulic - mechanical (connecting rod) type; Moulding Machine according to the operation mode is divided into automatic, Semi-automatic, manual injection molding machine.

(1) Horizontal Injection Molding Machine: This is the most common type. The mold clamping portion and the injection portion are on the same horizontal center line, and the mold is opened in the horizontal direction. Its characteristics are: the fuselage is short, easy to operate and repair; machine center of gravity is low, the installation is more stable; products can be used after the top of gravity automatically fall, Moulding Machine easy to achieve automatic operation. At present, the market of injection molding machine to use this type.

(2) vertical injection molding machine: the mold part and the injection part of the same vertical center line, and the mold is open in the vertical direction. Therefore, its small footprint, easy to place the insert, loading and unloading mold more convenient, from the hopper into the material can be more uniform plastic. But the product is not easy to automatically drop after the top, must be removed by hand,Moulding Machine not easy to achieve automatic operation. Vertical injection molding machine is suitable for small injection molding machine, usually in the following 60 grams of injection molding machine used more large, medium machine should not be used.

(3) angle injection molding machine: its injection direction and mold interface on the same side, it is particularly suitable for the processing center part of the gate marks are not allowed to leave the flat products. It covers an area smaller than the horizontal injection molding machine, Moulding Machine but the inserts placed in the mold are prone to fall. This type of injection molding machine should be used for small machines.

(4) multi-mode rotary disc injection molding machine: it is a multi-station operation of the special injection molding machine, which is characterized by a clamping device with a turntable structure, the mold around the shaft rotation. This type of injection molding machine can give full play to the plasticizing capacity of the injection device, which can shorten the production cycle and improve the production capacity of the machine. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for large-volume plastic molding Products, Moulding Machine but the mold system is huge, complex, clamping device clamping force is often smaller, so this injection molding machine in the plastic soles and other products in the production of more applications.