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Moulding Machine Important Equipment Jun 13, 2017

Moulding Machine Automatic line forming machine, also known as wire-forming machine, or CNC wire forming machine, is a wire bending forming process of an important equipment. Used in auto parts, daily hardware products, supermarket shelves display racks, iron wire craft products molding, instead of the original tactics, Moulding Machine the people from the simple and boring labor out, to enhance the quality and efficiency of production.

Automatic wire forming machine has a history of 200 years abroad, the most typical representative is the German Woflos and the French Numan as well as the Italian MECG and the United States Air, these international brands, mostly to turn the main, big diameter products, Moulding Machine followed by The Wire, do 2.0-6.0mm line diameter. Moulding Machine Their sales in China is small, mainly because the price is too high, after-sales service needs to be closer.

First, auto parts: mainly the production of car seat skeleton, car torsion bar, car head pillow, car mesh wire skeleton, car lock lock buckle, car simple jack rocker arm and so on, these products are characterized by thicker wire diameter, generally 6. $number. 0mm, belongs to the rod product, Moulding Machine very suitable for turning the automatic wire molding machine production, as for the car seat Snake spring, including single snake and double snake, Moulding Machine car cat head card spring, Car seat belt card spring, car seat supporting steel wire, are more suitable for the production of plate-forming machine and cam-free spring machine;

Second, daily hardware products: Kitchen display stand, racks, toilets inside the rack of steel wire products, supermarket shopping baskets, carts, display pendants, and so on, before are artificial to do, now will slowly into the machine to produce, because it is daily necessities, the quantity of demand is particularly huge, so the market also has potential.

Third, iron wire craft products: including wine racks, KTV inside the fruit basin, Christmas, all kinds of steel wire forming gifts, are used in the shape of different steel wire or wire into the plane or three-dimensional pieces, these things are characterized by the variety is not particularly large, so not the focus of the open.

Automatic wire forming machine, at present, the most core market, Moulding Machine or the domestic fast-growing automotive industry in the automotive parts industry. This product is characterized by a large quantity, high product requirements, the timeliness of delivery is very strong, the unit price is relatively good, so the development potential is enormous.