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Moulding Machine Constantly Updated Oct 18, 2017

Building block hydraulic molding machine is mainly composed of six systems, namely: feeding system, cloth delivery board system, press system, laminated system, Moulding Machine vibration system and hydraulic system. The role of each part is as follows:

1, the rack is mainly used to support the various parts of the equipment and bear the brick when the compression force;

2, indenter is mainly used for forming the block pressure, in addition, Moulding Machine in the work from the stripping effect;

3, the table is mainly from the role of brick and vibration, when used for the formation of brick, when used to drop the forming brick out;

4, cloth machine is mainly used to feed the material into the silo mold;

5, send board machine is mainly used to transfer pallets;

6, silo is mainly used to store materials;

7, the mold is located on the table, the choice of different molds, can produce different types of blocks;

8, the hydraulic system to implement block suppression system, Moulding Machine feeding system and pallet system drive;

9, the control cabinet to install the main control system.

Building block making machine is the key equipment for wall and brick pressing. With the success of the domestic automatic hydraulic press and the user's product quality and production efficiency requirements, block molding machine control system is constantly updated. In order to overcome the traditional contactors, Moulding Machine relay control wiring complex, unstable work, low reliability of the limitations, the use of programmable controller based intelligent control system to improve the whole hydraulic system.

Block forming machine is a rapid development in recent years, Moulding Machine a new type of building materials equipment, automatic hydraulic brick machine for the birth of mass production of mass production to provide a guarantee. China in the late 19th century, Moulding Machine the beginning of the 20th century the introduction of foreign Mianshaozhuan production equipment, along with the success of the domestic automatic hydraulic machine research and development, Moulding Machine the domestic began to use a large number of industrial waste scrap production of unburned brick production line, the control system is constantly updated.