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Moulding Machine Advantage Jul 06, 2017

Straight press with the advantages of the robot is mainly open mold position of high precision, Moulding Machine the precision of the robot to achieve the highest standards. Machine hinge injection molding machine performance can not meet its requirements, Moulding Machine because the machine hinge open mode will appear too many phenomena, resulting in the robot part (sucker) contact with the product and downtime, Moulding Machine you need to adjust the pickup position And directly affect production capacity. The following is an example and analysis of the use of the robot by the direct press: -

For the precision of the above straight press, Moulding Machine with the application of the robot equipment, you can accurately put the hardware (such as: nuts, steel, etc.) placed in the mold cavity set the location of the fixed before the injection. This process can also be called in-mold injection mosaic, directly in the mold can be molded within the best torque and tensile performance. At present,Moulding Machine many enterprises need to manually put the hardware into the mold, resulting in increased labor and low production efficiency and other issues, so high-end customers with direct injection molding machine with the combination of the production of mold inlay mosaic products.

Direct injection molding machine oil barrels Special injection molding machine has the advantage of excellent board parallelism, significantly reduce the number of pad mold, Moulding Machine has been used 500,000 times the mold, after a complete adjustment does not need to pad mold. Excellent template parallelism to ensure that the thin-walled product molding pass rate of 98%. If you can install synchronous melt device, the molding cycle can be shortened to 23-24 seconds. In order to comprehensively strengthen the powerful function of the direct pressure machine, equipped with a robot is necessary. Due to the size of the oil drum, Moulding Machine the mold is difficult to manually pick up and there is a risk, the use of the robot can be completed in the injection process to remove the oil drum to reduce the picking time. Moreover, the straight press of the lock mold stroke than the machine than the mold has a longer trip, Moulding Machine is conducive to the production of deep cavity oil drum products.

In the above article has been mentioned in the hydraulic cylinder single shot of the advantages of single shot, a long time under the production of the template will not be deformed, Moulding Machine is conducive to the protection of molds, and product repeatability is high, Moulding Machine can improve the product pass rate, Long-term production of auto parts even more favorable. The car contains a lot of different plastic parts assembled together, and plastic parts size is relatively large, straight press the use of square template, capacity modulus, replace the mold more convenient and save time. So the size requirements than high, Moulding Machine if there is a large size or small parts can not be assembled together, so the car business of automotive plastic parts manufacturers require a higher, and must obtain ISO16949 certification to produce auto parts. Moulding Machine ISO16949 certification requirements to produce an auto parts need to provide different options / recommendations in a variety of ways to achieve the best results or encounter problems can be made in a short time to improve. Therefore, Moulding Machine injection molding machine for automotive plastics production enterprises is extremely important, the stability of the machine equipment is also high, and direct injection molding machine can definitely meet their needs. With the use of robots, it can help prevent workers from taking defective products (such as: scratches, dirty products or pick up products lead to product deformation), Moulding Machine but also greatly improve the product's pass rate and the staff can be assigned to Other posts.