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Lasting Machine Technology Features Jul 07, 2016

Process characteristics of tension lasting machine: automatic front was tightened ahead of upper parts and forming parts corresponding to the shoe, then glued together at the end of the process. Stretched until the process was: clamp clamp front before, tension, tension and help locating and clamping, smearing, tightened at the end of the former, bent legs, feet and bottom sealed, and so on.

Clamp clamp front, is to first help your foot jaws and clamping process. Clamp clamp combination of seven or nine-caliper composite structures, before the formation of the shape. Tighten the front was taut over a shoe and help achieve the shaping process. Nipped in front clamp, until the shoe is still slack. When tightening up shoe, the first is tight in the front part of the shoe and formed on the surface shape of the surface.