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Innovation Makes Everything Simpler Jul 25, 2016

Innovation makes everything simpler

“It is the worst of times, and it is the best of times.”, said Dickens in his A Tale of Two Cities.  
 In such an overall environment of profound transformation upon traditional manufacturing industry, Dalong Machine actively participates in this exhibition, which fully reflects our determination of coping with market changes and challenges. As for shoe leather industry, we are being closely linked with such an era. Only by taking the initiate, facing transformation and have the courage to make innovations can enterprises remain invincible and own a brighter future!  
 We have upgraded our corporate logo and external image for this exhibition so as to get ready for the coming of 2.0 Times of Dalong Machine. 

Nowadays, with gradual disappearing of demographic dividend, continuous growth of production costs and diversified changes of end-users’ demands, intelligence, efficiency and simplicity make Dalong Machine face transformation and upgrading calmly. As an industry leader capable of taking relevant strategies at different times, Dalong focuses on the industry hot spots such as “Replacing Workers with Machines”, “Industry 4.0” and new type environmentally friendly materials to fully display its newly-developed equipment products at this exhibition. 

 Total exhibition scale reaches 42000㎡, and nearly 700 enterprises attend this exhibition, with the scale of shoe machine exhibition area increased by almost 20% over last exhibition on year-on-year basis. Many enterprise owners’ interest is aroused by the exhibits displayed at Dalong’s booth, including new generation intelligent shoe machines such as nine-claw toe lasting machines, automatic cementing heel & side lasting machines, wall type sole attaching machines and full-automatic heel nailing machines etc.  

We also conduct demonstration of machine operation to make customers have more visual understanding upon our products. R&D and application of these machines will solve a series of problems like outdated traditional technology, polluted working environment and tedious processing flow, and truly realize “Replacing Workers with Machines to guide the industry to be upgraded in the shoe-making industry.  

 Excellent quality and continued innovation make Dalong Machine take the lead on Chinese market, topping the list of world famous shoe machine manufacturers as well. In the same industry, Dalong Machine owns more patents and holds the leading position in China’s customer comparison test.Over the years, our company has been providing numerous shoe-making enterprises with special services to meet clients’ specific needs. A group of experienced product experts and engineers are available to offer proposals and practical support for clients at any time so as to ensure the unshakable preferred brand position of Dalong Machine in the hearts of all clients. 

Product series of Dalong Machine include toe lasting machines, heel lasting machines, sole attaching machines as well as forming devices used for making quality shoes, enjoying quite high reputation among Chinese users and worldwide agents, which has laid solid foundation for Dalong Machine to open up international markets successfully.