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Followed By A Steaming Wet Machine Instructions For Use Jul 07, 2016

Applicable to all kinds of shoe upper or followed by hot-melt glue or hot melt Adhesive chemical and uppers and the fusion, with the steam wet leather softening jobs once completed, the vamp or followed by a perfect lasting, reduce upper loss. PU-COATING or thick PU will apply.

Description: hot melt because of the toe or heel thickness or uppers and inner factors that block is too thick and difficult to soften, the toe or heel lasting quality or leather chaps, the shoe-making machinery using high pressure steam and with special heat-resistant heating materials, hot melt glue and leather soften. Steam heat is active, to penetrate upper and lining, and the dry heat of the heating and decidedly different, so the softening of speed and quality for dry heat of more than 1 time.