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Characteristic Of Pressing Machine Jul 07, 2016

Adhesive lamination, refers to the foot, outsole and inner bottom pressure bonding process, three elements of shoes is adhesive (fuzzing, adhesives, bonding pressure) the third important factor. The process element is the key to bonding force sufficient, even force, force full time. The only way to ensure that adhesive peel strength of the shoe meets the conditions. Adhesive lamination is deducted before the end of the process, which uses hand gel and brush dry activated help foot and outsole pre snap together. Buckle end, you should first check the State of activation of dry adhesive film, not sticky and soft. Button at the end of required bottom alignment, size uniform, binding tightly and no floating stock. After the buckle end of and, if necessary, crush or knock the adhesive surface with a tool, exhaust gases of the adhesive surface. After the buckle end of, shall immediately proceed to adhesive pressure, pressure bonded on the pressing machine. Buckle after the end of the adhesive surface has not yet been closed, after pressure was exerted by, and further ruled out the adhesive surface of the gas, increasing the adhesive area, promoting the interpenetration of adhesive molecules, increases the attraction between each other, so as to improve the bond strength.

Adhesive sole pressing is carried out on the pressing machine presses, presses on surfaces and the shoe to help consistency is whether the bonding force of the foot surface evenly, adequacy of bonding pressure factor. Due to the end of the shoe looking shapes and adaptability of different sizes of bed surface is directly related to pressure, so press structure is divided into flat beds, air beds, modular pressure bed, wall-type combination press in different types. Flat bed bed and air pressure applied to skip the smaller flat bond, module combination, presses used to cut large quantities of adhesion in high heels, wall combo presses used in the walled sole bond. Due to strong module combination, press change, adapt to different products, adhesive lamination, manufacturing model called adhesive glue lamination machine, model wall-type combination press was producing called wall glue lamination machine.