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Backpart Moulding Machine The Influence Of Inertia Oct 13, 2017

Electric injection molding machine has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, high repetition precision, convenient maintenance and high reliability, which accords with the development trend of international injection molding machine in recent years. Compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine, Backpart Moulding Machine the electric injection molding machine has the following advantages:

① Energy saving. The power consumption of electric injection moulding machine is only about 1/3 of the hydraulic type; ② no pollution. Because the operation oil is not used, Backpart Moulding Machine the electric injection molding machine does not need to cool the oil equipment, saves the resources, does not have the oil leakage, the water leakage phenomenon, may keep the work site clean; ③ is easy to control. The Electric injection molding machine has good controllability, so the stability is high, which is the control precision, and the ④ forming period is short. Each action is relatively independent, can use the servo motor to optimize the opening and closing mode control, Backpart Moulding Machine shorten the forming period; ⑤ noise is low. Because there is no oil pressure inertia effect, the noise is low.

Pre-plunger Injection molding machine is the injection molding machine, which is designed to stabilize the pvt characteristic of the molten resin, and to separate the plasticizing part and the injection plunger part in the structure. The characteristic is: the plasticizing metering mechanism and the injection mechanism are separate, the uniform melting performance of the resin is superior to the reciprocating screw type; the action of the reciprocating screw prevents the valve from being controlled, Backpart Moulding Machine which is the main cause of the error, and the pre-plunger injection molding machine has the advantage of controlling the action of preventing countercurrent;

Micro-molding is the processing of the shape of the size of the lmm below, Backpart Moulding Machine the quality of 0.00059 (0.5mg) below, with the precision of the micro-structural parts and components method. Micro-forming using mold surface instantaneous heating and cavity degassing technology for molding, Backpart Moulding Machine mold surface heating using dielectric heating, micro-structure of materials can be plastic, metal and ceramics, products are mainly used for such as medical use of micro-mechanical parts and watches gear and so on.

Injection compression molding is in the process of melting resin filling mold compression, in order to reduce the easy to produce in the injection molding molecular orientation, Backpart Moulding Machine to reduce the deformation of products forming methods. Backpart Moulding Machine The specific process is: First, the mold open a quantitative, that is, the size of the compression stroke, and then the melt resin injection mold cavity, in the injection process time to start to further mold, and finally through the clamping force of the mold has not yet solidified the resin compression, to produce products.

Its characteristics are: can achieve small clamping force, low injection pressure of thin-walled forming; the internal intrinsic force of the molded product is reduced, Backpart Moulding Machine the strain is also small, and the pattern clarity of the molded products is improved; Because the flow resistance of the plastic melts in the mould is small, the whole molding with the epidermis product can。