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After Tension Characteristic Of Machine Jul 07, 2016

After tension was stretched and tension after a complete method for lasting shoe machinery, simplify processes, increase efficiency, labor-saving features. According to the structural features of the shoes tight and helped craft after three. A lasting process of hot melt Adhesive, the second is putting adhesive helps in nail technology, three are nailing lasting process. First species process application more, special for shoes products of stretched help; second species process applies Yu Hou help help feet hard and thick of products, used playing nail method makes Hou help stretched have more firm, more application Yu male shoes products of stretched help; third species process applies Yu special structure of products need, in the Hou help are has hard and thick of help feet, with playing nail fixed more strong, as main with is long of high heels,.

After adhesive process lasting machine is: after after help in positioning, clamping, after helping foot spray, during and after to help lasting adhesion, lasting end respectively.

After helping position: front has stretched the shoe upside down in the back and the front locating bracket, respectively, after regulation and the height of the front bracket, so that help is lasting position after.

After clamping: after orientation, help after tensioner and heel after Rod clamp, front clamping piece clamping on both sides before, after helping in the stable and lasting State.

After helping foot spray adhesive: hot melt nozzles along the bottom of help after the foot spray adhesives-polyamide, for help after adhesive lasting process of preparation.