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After Machine Plastic Mouth Organ Jul 07, 2016

Gum mouth to help the beginning: Glue the mouth from the origin back to the starting point, after starting to help glue, before and after adjusted to help start, can wrench loosen proximity switch X2, the top fixing screws, reposition the back and tighten the screws again.Gum in the mouth to help beginning: help mode, the gum in the mouth from the origin back to help in the beginning to help glue, decoder values are poised to help beginning to zero and counting, can wrench loosen proximity switch X10, the top fixing screws, reposition the back and tighten the screws again.Rubber mouth origin: (factory setting: do not adjust the) shoe machinery in standby, plastic mouth automatically back to the origin, proximity switching X7 for the ON state at this time, machines can work properly.

A swept position: select plus size shoes, rubber-nosed forward to this position, one will sweep into; position should be adjusted when walking in two fingers in a plastic mouth, at which point sweeps first swept into the party not to glue the mouth, can wrench loosen screws above the proximity switch X26, after adjusting the position, then tighten the screws.Rubber mouth speed: Plastic mouth speed will affect the amount of glue and speed of work, can be adjusted according to the demand, rotate the throttle valve located above the right side of the machine: clockwise rotation is slow, but faster.Rubber mouth up, falling speed: (factory setting: do not adjust the shoe-making equipment) rubber mouth drop speed by throttle TH22. 1 control, need to make mouths drop ride, not to clash in the end. Rubber mouth speed controlled by a throttle valve TH4, needed the rubber mouth Sheng-shun.

Rubber mouth forward uplift: (factory setting: do not adjust) rubber mouth is a forward while providing a rubber float pressure to reduce friction, too much pressure will cause the rubber mouth forward jump