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Once owning the first Dalong machine, you start to join an unique group. Everyone in the shoe-making industry is happy to share the values cherished by my family business, and is ready to implicitly express his elegant taste through such a set of machine that can create this kind of values.

25 years ago, the first appearance of Dalong Machine launched a revolution of shoe-making machinery, which transformed the only simple manual shoe-making workshop into modern mechanical automation assembly production mode in China. Each Dalong machine with high precision has been well recognized due to the superior technology accumulated in the past 25 years. For this reason, no matter in emotional or rational, Dalong machine is the best choice for you. This is the best way to access to having high quality shoe-making tool, outstanding operation experience as well as the long lasting use value.Moreover, the revolution has been continuously going on.

The era of redefining intelligent shoe-making machines is coming. Only by further perfectly combining “technology, quality and design” can all Sagacity Series full of expressive force to have detached the range of common machines. It’s definitely not excessive to describe it with the one word “Art”.

The breathtaking perfect operation experience makes you create shoes with higher quality. Another revolution? No, modestly speaking, we just endow shoe-making machines with more fashionable appearance and intellectualized high quality era!